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Aerial view: Present your property from a bird’s eye view

Show the house from all sides – REALLY from ALL sides. From the front, back, inside and outside and – from above. How is the property situated? Close to the neighboring property or with plenty of space in the garden? What do you think your customer wants to know in order to decide on exactly what you have to offer?

Showcase the property you want to sell or rent. And set yourself apart from other real estate providers – with photos and videos of the property from above, from the air.

Advantages of aerial photography of your property with drones:

  • View from a different perspective: Photos and videos of the property from above provide potential customers with more comprehensive information. They show properties and plots of land in detail.
  • Presents the property in its surroundings: Save yourself unnecessary discussions and meetings on site. You will only receive interested parties in advance who like the surroundings and the overall concept of the property.
  • Documenting changes: We fly drones over your existing properties. Or accompany their construction. Show how your customer’s dream property is growing.

Incidentally, a video or photo from a bird’s eye view allows you to better evaluate a property yourself. You get a better overview. You recognize construction defects. You will discover the advantages and disadvantages of the property’s location. With this knowledge, you can better present the property to your customers.

Important: When hiring a drone pilot, make sure that they are familiar with the necessary legal conditions.

Be careful with the real estate photos from the air:

  • Only drone pilots with a special permit are allowed to fly in residential areas. The landowner must also give their consent. Only then may the drone be used to film or take photographs. The same applies if the drone is flown over the neighboring property or if it is to be included in the photo. In this case, the owner of the neighboring property must give their consent.
  • Please take care not to pick up any people, personal items or license plates.
  • Is there an architectural building in the surroundings? The architect must agree to this if you want to show it on film or in a photo.
  • There are other flight bans (for example, certain no-fly zones near airports, federal highways, etc.) that a trained and skilled drone pilot is aware of.

We know what is legally required when we photograph or film your property with our drones. And we know where we are allowed to do so and which permits need to be obtained.

What can we help you with?

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Together we will find out whether we can support you in the optimal presentation of your property.

Frequently asked questions about aerial photography of a property with a drone

Why should I use drones for aerial photography of my property?

Aerial photography with drones provides breathtaking images of real estate. The unique bird’s eye view shows the entire property and the surrounding area. The result is high-resolution photos and videos that show your property in a unique light.

What advantages do I have as a real estate seller with drone aerial photography?

Drone aerial photography increases the appeal of your property. The unique perspectives offered by drones allow you to emphasize the best features of your property. This makes it more appealing to potential buyers, which increases the selling price and shortens the selling time.

Why should real estate aerial photography be carried out by a professional?

Professionals in aerial photography of real estate with drones have the technical skills and photographic knowledge to present the property in the best possible way. They know how to control the drones and produce the best images. They are also familiar with the legal requirements that must be observed when using drones.

What advantages do I have as a real estate buyer from drone aerial photography?

As a buyer, drone aerial photos give you a comprehensive overview of the property. They reveal details that you might otherwise have overlooked, such as the condition of the roof or the design of the garden. With this information, you can make a more informed purchase decision.

What should you look out for when taking aerial drone shots?

Quality is crucial for drone aerial photography. They should be clear and fully capture the property and the surrounding terrain. It is also important that the footage is taken by qualified drone pilots who comply with all legal regulations.

Are drone aerial photographs legally permissible?

Aerial drone photography is legal, but there are specific regulations. These include flight altitude restrictions, distance rules to people and buildings and data protection regulations. Professional drone pilots are familiar with these rules and adhere strictly to them.

How long does it take to create aerial drone images of a property?

The duration of a drone flight depends on the size and complexity of the property. However, an average shoot takes between one and three hours. This ensures that all aspects of the property are fully captured.

How do I get my finished drone aerial photos?

Once the recording and post-production are complete, you will receive the recordings digitally. They are either sent to you by e-mail, made available via a download link or stored in a cloud storage (on a German server) for retrieval. This allows you to view and use your aerial real estate images easily and conveniently.

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