Drone photography and drone videos for tourism

Show your destination, your hotel, your resort, your yacht from its best side – preferably: from all sides!

Give your customers a special insight – from above.
Show them on your website what their next vacation or visit could look like.

We change the perspective for you – photos from left, right, below, above, as well as pictures and films from a bird’s eye view.
Let us take a fresh look at your property, your region, your event.

We develop a concept for your shots, photograph and film on location.
We then edit the material and create finished videos on request.

Emotional photos: Because vacation awakens emotions – desire for more

Having a good time, relaxing, being active, enjoying time – for many people, vacation is „the best time of the year“ for a reason. Evoke emotions even before you arrive thanks to professional images from the air.

Transport your customers to the vacation destination. Show the atmosphere on site. Make your customers eagerly look forward to the start of their dream vacation on the screen.

Modern aerial photography with drones delivers photos and films for you in the tourism industry that give an idea of these wonderful moments.

Drone videos and drone photos in tourism marketing

Dramaturgy, direction, editing, a trained eye for the view from above – we take your customers on a gliding flight over the roaring sea, over cliffs and steep coasts, across vast fields and meadows. Use spectacular drone video footage for your tourism marketing.

Ein Besuch in Bad Liebenwerda, Elbe-Elster-Kreis.

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Frequently asked questions about drone photography and drone videos for tourism

How can drone photography and videography improve my tourism business?

Captivating aerial shots allow you to present your tourism offer in an impressive way. Whether hotel, resort or yacht – a drone shows your destination from a completely new perspective. It gives your customers a unique experience even before they arrive. As if they were already there.

What are the advantages for tourism of having photos and videos taken by drone?

From left, right, above and below – drone shots allow you to show your offers from all angles. Offer your customers a special insight. Show them on your website what their next visit or vacation could look like.

How does the process of drone photography and videography work?

First we develop a concept for your shots. Then we take photos and film on location with the drone. We then edit the footage and create finished videos if required. You can use these on your website or in social media.

Do I need special permits for drone recordings of my facilities?

Depending on the country and region, certain permits or licenses are required to fly drones for commercial purposes. We know these requirements and comply with them.

What happens if the weather is not good for drone footage?

If the weather is bad, we may have to postpone the flight. We want to provide you with the best possible quality.

Can I make specifications for the drone recordings?

Yes, we will work closely with you to ensure that the drone footage meets your wishes and requirements. You can tell us which areas you want highlighted and what style you prefer.

Can drone footage be taken at events such as weddings or corporate events?

Yes, drones can provide a unique perspective for all kinds of events. They enable shots that show the event from an unusual angle and offer participants a lasting memory.

How safe is it to use drones for photography and videography?

Safety is a top priority when using drones. Our drone pilots are professionally trained and follow strict safety guidelines to minimize risks.

What happens if the drone malfunctions during the flight?

Our drones are equipped with the latest technology. They have various safety features, including emergency landing functions and return to take-off point functions. This ensures that the drone lands safely, even if a malfunction occurs.

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Professional aerial images and aerial photography with high-tech drones (quadro & multicopters). We film and photograph on your behalf for image films, inspections, documentation, surveys and monitoring in the construction, real estate, industrial and agricultural sectors. We deliver pictures and videos from a bird's eye view of weddings, company celebrations and major events. We operate nationwide from Brandenburg and Hamburg.

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