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Drone expertise – out of bed,
into the fields

You have to have a soft spot for drones. And for the view from above. For flying above things. And around things. Close, but not too close. Sensitive. Sensitive.

Along a track bed. In meticulously prescribed time. So that the approaching train does not crush the small unmanned flying object. And yet still pick up as much information as possible. Information that shows that the track bed is still in order. Or … where metal is perhaps slightly deformed. Where there is too little gravel in the track bed. Where there is a lack of grip.

Elsewhere, you have to get up at three in the morning. Out of bed and into the fields. At least to the edge of the field. Where can you spot wild boars or other animals? Are they sick or healthy? Is there perhaps a newborn fawn lying somewhere in the supposed protection of the meadow?

The challenges facing professional drone pilots are many and varied. It is this diversity that Steffen Franzeck found so exciting that he founded „Drone Expertise“ in 2018. He had already been using multicopters professionally on a part-time basis for several years.

How do you become self-employed with drones?

From model airplane pilot to drone pilot and company founder

„It’s a special feeling to let something float in the air. Or to fly very quickly high above a certain area. Or to slowly let your gaze wander over this area, indirectly,“ says Steffen Franzeck.

He initially started his „flying career“ with a model glider. „But that got boring at some point. Because I could only fly when there was no wind or very, very little wind.“ That’s when the drone came in handy. He was infected. And a passion was awakened.

Several permanent and freelance pilots now work for the company.

Surveying, thermography, monitoring – where the drone is used

They inspect and measure buildings, industrial plants and solar installations to ensure that they are always safe and in good condition. They film and photograph special moments from different perspectives – with professional cameras from the air and on the ground. So that the bride and groom and their guests have special memories of the wedding. And so that a special image film makes a company stand out from the crowd.

You will find wild animals. So fields can be cultivated without worry. And wild animal diseases can be contained.

Cold/heat bridges, crack formation, amount of sand – as a trained bricklayer and plasterer, Steffen Franzeck has a special eye for things to do with construction, even with a drone.

Photography from the air and also from the ground

Originally focused on the B2B sector, Drone Expertise expanded its portfolio into the B2C sector in 2021. Since then, the team has been taking photos from the air and on the ground. The drone equipment has been expanded to include professional photo shooting equipment.

Steffen Franzeck and his team are now also popular photographers at weddings, corporate events and tourism events.

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Professional aerial images and aerial photography with high-tech drones (quadro & multicopters). We film and photograph on your behalf for image films, inspections, documentation, surveys and monitoring in the construction, real estate, industrial and agricultural sectors. We deliver pictures and videos from a bird's eye view of weddings, company celebrations and major events. We operate nationwide from Brandenburg and Hamburg.

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